Marx fetishism commodities

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According to Marx, history evolves through the interaction between the mode of production and the relations of production.

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Commodities also possess an exchange-value, the relative value of a commodity in relation to other commodities in an exchange situation. Anyone who asserts that there is something inevitable in the historical process has not studied the subject.

Commodity fetishism is the collective belief that it is natural and inevitable to measure the value of useful things with money. In Sum There is nothing natural or inevitable about money, debt, property rights, or markets; they are symbolic systems that derive their efficacy from collective belief. Exchange-value allows one to determine what one commodity is worth in relation to another commodity, for example how many units of corn one might exchange for a given unit of linen.

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This social aspect of commodities cannot express itself because in capitalist society the quality of a commodity is thought to emanate solely from its price, not from that which money expresses, namely social labor. For Marx, the important truths of economics could all be found in the gritty process of production, in the places where people actually worked and lived. Marx differentiates ordinary money from capital.

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2 thoughts on “Marx fetishism commodities
  1. In other words, Hegel believed that ideas are the primary mode in which human beings relate to the world and that history can be understood in terms of the ideas that define each successive historical age.

  2. Those who comment on the nature of economy, in particular bourgeois economists, reduce economics and the production and exchange of commodities to the behavior of money and in so doing always avoid looking at what commodities represent in social terms. Marx believed that commodities and money are fetishes that prevent people from seeing the truth about economics and society: