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Aerith's death, of course. Cloud, under Sephiroth's control , does this multiple times during the plot. X-2 went back to standard levels.

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Lady Yunalesca imparts the secret of the Final Aeon which requires sacrificing the life of both Guardian and Summoner. Aerith, on the other hand, loses affection for Cloud when he shows concern for Tifa if put in the exact same situation.

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A very strange case, whereby the hero discovers that his estranged father has actually been transformed into the recurring monster which threatens to destroy Spira.

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  1. Whittling down all of its 10 million HP for comparison, the story's Final Boss by this point can be taken out with less than three hits will take at least half an hour and lots of strategizing to avoid being completely wiped out.

  2. She is definitely the most feminine of the girls in the party - as she's also a White Magician Girl.